Located in Wonorejo-Pasuruan, our Satoria Pharma plant site has the geographical advantage of having direct access to one of the best natural water resources in Indonesia. These natural springs will be crucial in determining the quality of our IV solution products.

With production capacity of 50,000,000 bottles per year, Satoria Pharma’s facility adopts the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation/Scheme (PIC/S) guideline to ensure that our products are produced according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP/CPOB) standards. These standards are based on the latest 2013 version issued by the Food and Drug Administration of the Republic of Indonesia (BPOM RI).

Satoria Pharma also heavily collaborates with its distribution division under PT. Satoria Distribusi Lestari (located in Krian, Mojokerto) that facilitates the distribution flow of our medical devices products throughout Indonesia.