Agro facility

Satoria Agro is an integral part of Satoria Group’s manufacturing division dealing with the production of various food and beverage ingredients. Located in Wonorejo – Pasuruan, our two plants focus in the production of glucose syrup, nondairy creamers as well as other variant related products all in accordance to food safety standards, Halal, and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Supported by one of the best natural water resources in the whole of East Java and the exclusive use of environmental friendly gas fuel (PGN), our food processing plants boast a total of 50,000 ton speryear production capacity for liquid sweeteners as well as 15,000 tons per year production capacity for non dairy creamer products and its variants.

We deliver products that are able to cater to our customers’ specific needs. For our non dairy creamer and powder division, in order to successfully customize these products and finetune their quality and sensory taste, our research and development lab facilities are also equipped with a full research equipment set consisting of a high shear mixer, a mini spray drier and a two-stage homogenizer.