About Us


We are an innovative healthcare and food company that places our consumers’ health, wellbeing and satisfaction as our topmost priority. Located in Pasuruan, Purwosari in East Java province, Indonesia, our eight-hectare factory consists of a number of manufacturing plants – our pharmaceutical plant is producing intravenous drip fluids and its bottles using the latest cutting edge technology, while our Food plant is manufacturing natural sweetener, creamer and foamer products. Our sugar and salt plants are in the pipeline. Our plant location boasts the best natural springs in Indonesia. Superior natural spring is the best raw materials for our infusion and food products.

We are very committed in fostering human resource talents and are relentlessly driven to deliver satisfactory products to become the new world class leader in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Our head company, Satoria Group is a consolidated group of businesses across six different sectors including Property Development, Manufacturing, Trading & Distribution, Services, Entertainment (F&B) and Retail.

President Director’s Greeting


Mr. Alim Satria

President Director

In the current globalization era, our societies’ demand for safe & healthy products are growing rapidly and therefore are not to be undermined. In accordance with these demands, Satoria Group established its subsidiary “Satoria Manufacturing” which aims to fulfill those needs.

Satoria Manufacturing is a group of consolidated companies that are mainly focused in two main sectors, namely: pharmaceutical and food ingredients. Fiercely passionate about creating highly innovative and safe quality products, we are not only proud of our customer focused culture but also with our ability to provide flexible and cost effective solutions which help our customers operate successfully and profitably. With our team of highly capable professionals on board, we will continuously strive to improve ourselves and expand our range of products in order to cater our customers’ needs.

Whether you are a potential or existing customer, employee, business partner, we, as your trusted solution, are looking forward to share this exciting long term journey with all of you and start building the future today!


To become a global icon and be the industry leader in our industries.


To provide superior quality products and services for our customers through innovations

To create an effective yet fun working environment for our employees to sustain their satisfaction and growth potentials.

To implement corporate social responsibility for our community by using effective strategic methods that bring an everlasting positive impact.





We share ideas and best pratices to each other

We aid colleagues to grow personally and profesionally

We respect different background, experiences, and opinions

We work hard and play hard together



We volunteer our personal time and effort for all stake holders involved

We commit and hold ourselves accountable for our own work and actions

We develop awareness and continuousy build on social responsibilty

We promote diversity and equality in the workdorce



We foster long term and lasting relationship with our customers

We create value for our customers

We treat customers with respect and flexbility

We respons to customers effeciently and effectively

We prioritize and focus on customers satisfaction



We conduct all matters of business with honesty and integrity

We practice and upload ethical and moral principles

We values trust and preserve this with all stakeholders involved



We take ownership of the Company’s future

We initiate upon opportunities to help the company grow further

We build a problem solving mentality to tackle any ongoing and potential problems

We learn and improve from both success and failure

We inspire others and seek new innovations to solutions

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